My life isn’t as crazy as I want it to be. I feel like there’s something missing. I’d like a purpose, that would be spectacular.


my friend took a picture during the photoshoot for the pin-up girl calendar i was a part of

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Annoying Things That Guys Do RANT :) <3

Annoying Girls At Parties RANT :) <3

I am going insane in this house. 

My horrible day.

First off, let me just say that everything today has been incredibly annoying. I came to rant on tumblr, and when I was almost done ranting, it all erased. Anyways, I came to say that I haven’t had a peaceful day in probably years. Everyday there is an issue, whether it’s friends, my relationship, boys, my family, or my health. Everything has to go wrong. I am a peaceful person but yet, I have no peace in my life. Sometimes I feel like I should have a reality TV show so you all could understand what i’m talking about. I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that my father and I are the only sane ones in my family. Although we have different ways of coping with the stress that life brings us, we are more similar than anyone else in my family. What you see on jersey shore, real housewives of whatever, basically any reality TV show, explains my everyday life, and I am sick of it. Sometimes I wish everyone would leave me alone. I thought I could count on my boyfriend of 3 years but yet, he is also a piece of shit just like the majority of the people who force themselves into my everyday life. Thats just the beginning to my rant. I might write more later. Thanks for listening¬†

One day

When I was younger, people used to call me names. I used to be fat, pale, and emo haha. When I was younger I also had tourettes syndrome and you know that got me a lot of friends! psyche. I’ve always had those couple friends close to me when I was little and we were all made fun of. None of the girls wanted to be friends with us, which is funny because today i’m 19 years old, and all those people who caused me shit, are begging to be my friends. Should I tell them it’s too late or should I forgive them for all the childhood pain and accept their friendship? One day, if my plan works and you all know my name instead of asking “who the hell is Tina D?” I am going to do extraordinary things for the people who were there for me, and the people who deserve it. All you jerks, all you fake people will never get anything from me. One day I might make it to the top and i’m stepping on the heads of those who brought me down on my way up.¬†

this might make you laugh :)

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